Why use a specialist recruiter?

As specialist recruiters, it’s our job to know the industry like the back of our hand. We take time to understand all technical and personal requirements of the positions you’re looking for to find the best fit for you. Working with Osprey provides you with a second to none experience and here’s why:

As a hiring manager, running a busy team and managing your day-to-day work is difficult enough. By using a specialist recruiter, you are guaranteed a more efficient and effective recruitment process. You will save valuable time and energy trying to find the perfect candidate by using a specialist recruiter. We can advise you on industry trends, provide a deeper insight into job roles and translate our understanding of the market to find the best candidate for you. The chances we have filled a similar role before are extremely high, so we know exactly what to look out for!

Hiring and retaining talent in such a competitive environment is a massive challenge. We work closely with both you as a client and the candidate throughout the entirety of the recruitment process which is extremely beneficial. Specialist recruiters are in a unique position of knowing what you can offer and what the candidate will accept as a package. We know salary isn’t everything, but it does make a successful negotiation that little bit easier. Our job is to be the middleman and work closely with the candidates and yourselves. The separation between you both alleviates the stress of difficult conversations, as we will handle that for you and allows you to be more selective in who you choose to speak with. This ensures your talent search is simpler, smoother, and more cost-effective.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could view three/four CV’s that match your role so perfectly? Well, that is exactly what we do! By looking at all the requirements of the role, we are dedicated to understanding your culture, gaging what the right fit would look like and headhunting to find your perfect person. This puts you in a great position because choosing the wrong person can be a costly mistake for your business. To ensure you make that right decision, understanding the market is essential, which is something we have perfected.

As a company when you put up a job posting you are limited to only interviewing the list of applicants that apply but there is a sea of talent out there that we can help you find. Our job is to find the best candidate for you, not just the best applicant. We know exactly where to look for your particular role, where candidates will go to find these roles, and exactly how to connect with them.  As a result of our access to innovative tools, we can identify and match the best candidates for your role; even those who are not actively looking.  Utilising a specialist recruiter who can help to connect you with hidden talent is a great thing to do for your business.

If you’re still not convinced why using a specialist recruiter like Osprey can be so beneficial for your business, please do get in touch to find out more about what we do. Osprey wants to give you more choice, save you time and provide the best insight into the market. We would love to connect with new businesses and provide you with the talent your company deserves.

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