Robin Thomas

Principle Consultant

If you are looking for a recruiter who understands the engineering sector from the inside out, you needn’t look further than Robin Thomas. With more than 30 years’ experience across a broad range of specialisations within engineering, Robin is about as reputable as they come in this industry’s recruitment sector.

Following a 4 year mechanical engineering apprenticeship at the ripe age of 20, Robin achieved HNC in mechanical & production engineering, he is also a qualified toolmaker.  Fast forward 30 years and Robin has enjoyed a diverse and successful career, receiving prestigious accolades (incl. top salesman of the year) along the way, as well as building and managing award winning sales teams.

During his time as a senior manager, Robin gained experience in recruiting and building his own internal, technical and sales teams, this experience has helped Robin develop his skills to become a successful headhunter and recruiter.

“I always felt confident having won so many different hats in the industry, that with the right company and freedom to bring personality to the role, I could leverage my experience to be a very successful recruiter”.  

At Osprey, we have certainly encouraged Robin to bring his unique people skills, personality and professionalism to the role, we thoroughly enjoy watching his relationships with clients continue to flourish as a result.

Robin specialises in recruiting for all things in Industrial Automation and Machinery related sector as well as other technologies he has been involved in when employed in previous roles, such as: HMI, SCADA, 3D printing & scanning, pneumatics, hydraulics, machine control system design and build.   Robin has worked at all levels as an employee in industrial manufacturing companies, from design engineer right through to when he was employed as Sales Director working in the senior management team of a very successful packaging manufacturing company. He leverages his in-industry experience to better understand customer’s pain points, at the same time recognising the variety of ways that different clients like to work and how they like to be communicated with, thus leading to naturally bespoke relationships and partnerships with all of his clients.

Outside of work Robin is known as somewhat of a livewire and is always looking to live life to the fullest. His passion for, people, music and festivals, and socialising tie in to his love of travelling, he cherishes all of the amazing friendships he has forged along the way. When not out on his next adventure, Robin likes to keep fit and is a regular at his local squash court.

Described by his peers as the life of the party and an exciting character with lots of stories to tell, he’s also recognised amongst fellow colleagues as a driven and honest sales professional, and someone whom with you always know where you stand.