Steve Dear

Commercial Director

Having dedicated more than 20 years to a successful career in the fluid power industry, you’d be hard pressed to find a recruiter who truly understands the importance of ‘client care’ more than Steve Dear. It’s this first-hand experience that gives Steve such a unique perspective, now working as a recruiter for the same industry that he spent so long being an integral part of.

Steve began working in the industry at just 19 years of age as a trainee sales engineer, before drawing a close to this chapter of his life a mere 22 years later, as a well-established and successful Sales Director. He decided to take this invaluable experience and turn his hand to recruitment, as in his own words…

“I honestly share the excitement of new starters, having been there myself. Knowing that you’re positively contributing to people’s lives is for me, what makes my new career in recruitment so rewarding.”

Over the years, Steve has crossed-roads with a vast amount of Fluid Power companies, becoming a recognisable friendly face within the industry and developing some fantastic relationships along the way. He jokes that whilst this is undoubtedly serves as a huge benefit when working for Osprey, juggling so many relationships is also perhaps the biggest challenge he faces in the role. We’d argue this is a pretty good problem to have.

Combining his extensive knowledge, experience and relationships, Steve is able to effectively read between the lines when looking to place candidates, with a unique ability to spot the character traits he knows either will or won’t make them a good fit for his clients.

Steve currently specialises and directs his focus toward recruiting in the fluid power industry, and excels in identifying the perfect candidates for the more technical and mid-higher tier roles within that space.

Colleagues describe Steve as very personable, someone who knows how to brighten a room and is a breath of fresh air in the office. Aside from these warmer qualities, Steve is also described by peers as someone who is level headed and brings a lot to the team by working collaboratively, which in turn creates a great internal culture of sharing knowledge within the office.

Outside of life at Osprey, Steve has a real family focus and enjoys quality time with his young family of two children. Also a keen sports fan and car fanatic, Steve is actually an ex-rally driver but has long since forfeited his life in the fast line for the golf course and a well-earned pint at the 19th hole. Cheers to that!