The Osprey team’s core focus is contributing to our clients’ successful growth and helping them achieve their business goals, which often tasks us with acquiring more than just the right talent for their business. Many of our client’s are looking to expand, either horizontally into new spaces or simply to grow market share, and acquisition is one of the most successful ways to achieve that.

Whilst much of the same skillset is required for individual talent selection as it is for effective business acquisition, it’s ultimately Osprey’s industry specific, highly experienced consultants that sets us apart as specialists in the acquisition market space.

When you’re looking to expand and grow as a business, it’s critical that you have full visibility of your options to maximise your choice of suitable companies to purchase, which helps ensure you’re selecting the company that will add the most value to your business.

Our acquisition offering goes far beyond an initial search, Osprey will act as a true acquisition partner, managing the involved businesses and process right the way through to completion.

Osprey’s focus is delivering a truly bespoke service whilst always remaining guided by our comprehensive acquisition process which includes:

Initial Client meeting – We always place you, our client, at the heart of the process, effectively listening and probing to obtain a detailed brief that allows us to deliver on our promise.

Initial Search – Your dedicated consultant and supporting team will then conduct a thorough search of the marketplace, identifying a shortlist of the most relevant SME businesses to engage in initial discussions, based on your bespoke criteria.

Engagement and Client Presentations – Osprey will engage with all shortlisted businesses with a high level proposition and to discuss terms. The results of these initial meetings are then developed into presentation packs, with our chosen suggestions presented to you by our acquisition team.

Negotiations and Succession Planning – Once meetings with your desired companies have been arranged, we’ll then be working tirelessly on your behalf acting as a middleman and broker in what can sometimes be quite intense negotiations.

We understand that retaining a degree of separation between buyer and seller is advantageous, and this is where we believe Osprey offer the most value, as we’re trained specialists in arranging, brokering, securing and closing deals.

We also recognise the unique challenges that acquiring a new company presents. 80% of UK businesses could not function without their directors’ involvement, so here is where we’ll deploy our recruitment expertise to succession plan and build a strong management team around the deal.

This will ensure your asset is protected, grown and successfully integrated.

As we’ll be with you every step of the way, we’ll also be on hand to provide consultation and advice on the structuring of the sale for example, whether or not you should consider a 50/50 staged exit. We can even connect you with our recommended accountants for valuation or with our pool of highly trusted business solicitors.

As we’re always proud to state, our value lies in our people. So to take your first step on your acquisition journey and to discover why Osprey is the acquisition partner of choice, please get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll look forward to speaking with you soon.