Contract placements can be a great alternative and flexible hiring solution for your business when executed correctly. As an established specialist in our industry, we continuously remain in close contact with the best available talent at any given time, uniquely positioning Osprey to offer some of the most comprehensive contract recruitment services in our industry.

Ever conscious of the shorter hiring process when working with contract assignments, Osprey’s focus remains on delivering nothing short of the best suited candidate available for your business, someone with the right experience and enthusiasm who can make the maximum instant impact to your organisation.

This is only possible due to the wealth of experience and knowledge under the Osprey roof, with dedicated contract specialists focussed on continually improving both the speed and quality of the service we offer in this space.

Bringing in the right individuals into your business on a contract basis can often result in benefits that far exceed the original purpose that they were hired for. Great talent often has a way of offering a fresh and unique perspective to your business, therefore Osprey remain committed to exceeding expectations when sourcing highly specialised talent. This ensures that you’re always maximising the benefits of the talent that your bringing into your business, even if it is only for a limited time.

If you’re looking for a timely yet thorough contract hiring service, we’d love to hear from you for the opportunity to prove how time efficient and effectively we’re able to meet your immediate hiring needs. Contact for further information.